Eight Swarup of MERI MAIYA

Naina Devi, Chintapurni Devi, Jawla Devi, Bhadra Kali Devi, Mansa Devi, Shankuntala Devi, Kalka Devi, Kanguraewali and the eldest one at the top is known as Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi. SHE is the symbol of birth and fertility. 

According to Katha, Uma or Sati, consort of Lord Shiva, sacrificed HERSELF in a sacrificial fire at the house of HER father Daksha Prajapati, because HER husband was insulted by him. The grief stricken Lord Shiva wandered all over the world, carrying the body of Sati. It was necessary to pacify him, otherwise his grief and anger would have afflicted the entire world. He could not be calmed down. Vishnu came on the scene and threw his Sudarshan Chakra at the body of Uma cutting it into 52 pieces. Wherever they fell, the Shakti - Pithas (Seats of the Deity) were established. Out of these 52 seats the above stated nine abodes have been regarded the most important and are situated in different parts of the country.